Optimystic Movement

Hip Hop Ballet Barre

jeudi 22 juin à 18h30
12 €
places restantes
1 h

Détails de la session
Hip Hop / Ballet Barre is the creation of Meghan Sullivan and Danielle O'Reilly. Set to a diverse soundscape embodying music from all genres, this class is a packed hour combining contemporary, classical, & hip hop, suitable for non-dancers and for those looking for a creative work-out.
The class then leads into a killer series performed on the barre- a fusion of dance, yoga, high intensity training, and pilates. Be prepared to sweat! Harnessing the work with a deep stretching cool down and final meditation, this class is life changing both mentally and physically. Infused with endless positive affirmations and mantras, this class has the ability to change the way you live. We invite you to enjoy the powerful experience of expressing your individual spirit through movement.


This is a group interested for people ready to change their lives through movement of all forms, acts of kindness and meditation. Our classes focus on developing a positive self esteem and a sense of community support. Classes held are guided in English, but welcome to all, expats, locals and friends visiting.
Conditions d'annulation: Flexible

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